Born and raised in the Philippines, Frankie has been living in the United States for almost a decade. 

Frankie moved to the U.S. at 17 to pursue her undergraduate degree, which she received from Northeastern University in 2014.  Since then, she has received a Master of Arts in Teaching with honors from Simmons College, became a licensed English teacher supporting high school students in the greater Boston area, and has worked and volunteered for various non-profit organizations to serve new immigrant students, English Language Learners, and other marginalized communities in the greater Boston area.

In 2018, Frankie will begin the process of applying for Permanent Residence in the United States. Her latest project, Leaving, is her humble attempt at documenting what it is like to try, and still want to be, an immigrant in America. In addition, her fiction and poetry have been published internationally, both online and in print, in editorials such as Waxwing Literary Journal, The Fat City Review, Literary Orphans, and many others. Her essays have appeared in Vagabond City Lit Review, Rappler, and The Toast. She currently writes and lives in Somerville, Massachusetts. 

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